Tuesday, July 22, 2014

His Mercy is NEW!

Ok we are back sorry for the long delay. So much taking place. Brothers are getting settled on some land outside of the city and The Dicus family is seeking the Lord for Direction with inner-city ministry. Thanks everone for your prayers!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Zion road blog

We changed the zion road blog address to zionroadcommonjourney.blogspot.com at a brothers request.  Sorry for any inconvience.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Moving Forward

The land we live on has sold and we have been given a short time to move. God is so good to us ! I know that might sound strange but it really feels like this great window of opportunity is opening up for us. We are trained by grace to be careful for nothing but to pray and ask the Lord for his help in time of need. We understand that times like these can be a real place for God to manifest His glory and strength. But its also a great time and opportunity for us to prove the sincerity of our love and be of faith. We so much want to stay together as a community but there are some real challanges. I know the red sea splitting in two was more of a challange than this so we will continue to march on into deliverance however the Lord sees fit. Please pray for us brethren !

Saturday, August 3, 2013

vision revisited

Vision statement Take 5 min to describe your vision for how those of us who are trying to live lives focused on the kingdom could better work together to see the kingdom advanced.

Our vision for Kingdom minded Christians working better together is, Living communally :
  One of our biggest encouragements for living communally is Jesus living communally with His apostles; and the apostle’s testimony of living communally after Jesus resurrection.
  Jesus probably had very good reasons for living closely with the brothers and we can see many benefits as well.

Now living communally can be described a number of different ways. However, the closer the body is one to another the faster things can get done.
  But, not so close to where family lines are blurred and brothers cannot be the head of their own households.
   One practical example would be to share a large piece of land just outside a bigger city, with individual dwellings and possibly some communal structures.
   A good addition to that should be to rent a house inside that nearby big city to use as a hub for inner city ministry. This house should be fully supported by the community as their main outlet for the community’s inner city missions.

  We have experienced manifold blessings in living very close to one another here on Zion Road even when our living situations have not been ideal.
   Some ways to how living communally can help further the Kingdom of God.

  Living communally can further the kingdom of God in many ways both physically and spiritually. For example: Physically Sharing resources that is ( tools ,vehicles, food, experience, like sisters helping sisters sew, brothers helping brothers build and work, splitting the cost of living and gas for witnessing ). We can spend less time working for physical needs and more time working for the kingdom in our lives and in others.

  Spiritually We can practically carry out and be more accountable to the commandments of Jesus like loving each other, dying to ourselves daily, and giving to one another.

   We can meet more frequently to pray and study the Word of God.

     This proximity allows brothers to encourage and edify one another face to face on a daily basis. And this we believe will help Kingdom minded Christians further the Kingdom of God.

  We should always be willing to connect with those who accept and live out the doctrine of Christ. Lest we become un-Christ-like. While at the same time most of our energy will be poured into our local fellowship.

  Just as the church at Ephesus was connected to the church in Corinth, we yearn for the body of Christ to be free from pride and a overbearing emphasis on the opinions of men.That the Spirit of truth and humility would shine like a city on a hill and turn the world upside down.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Welcome to the battle

We are Blessed to see br. Daniel giving his life to christ. The cost is everthing and the rewards are eternal. May the spirit keep this brother walking in the light , and newness of life. We are hoping to see more souls this summer making the commitment, and partaking in the hope of reconciliation. However the laborers are few and the narrow road which leads to life is steep and hard to travel. Count the cost for what does it profit a man if he gains the  whole world yet loses his own soul ? Isnt it worth forsaking our short time on earth to live for God  and others ? Isnt it a blessing to stand by Yeshua and suffer reproach with him then to be esteemed by mortal men ? If you witnessed the crucifixion and Yeshua looked down, and he beckoned you to come up on the cross, would you not gladly? let us suffer with him that we may also reign with him !